Our Goal

The overall goal of CCnet is to create a vibrant community of UK researchers who will unravel the biological, chemical and process engineering aspects of gas fermentation as well bringing in those communities working on photosynthetic (cyanobacteria) and autotrophic CO2 utilising chassis as well as exploring the potential of anaerobic digestion as a feedstock generator.

To achieve our goal we are:

  • Bringing together a UK-based cadre of biologists, chemists, computational modellers/mathematicians and process engineers, to better understand and exploit gas fermentation processes for translation into industry.
  • Encouraging participation by feedstock suppliers, technology developers, industry and end-users in the development of the technology.
  • Holding a series of sandpits for the discussion and development of cross-disciplinary research projects, including proof of concept studies, to be funded through pump priming funds administered through the CCnet Management Board.
  • Fostering the development of major integrated grant proposals based on proof of concept studies.
  • Organising annual meetings of the leading scientists from the UK, including overseas representatives, open to the wider UK community, providing an update on the latest research findings.
  • Maintaining this website to provide regular updates and case studies on the research development.
  • Supporting and encouraging participation and development of the PDRAs and students and providing knowledge transfer through workshops and other training activities.


CCnet provides a number of events and activities to foster and enhance collaboration between industry and academia; inform policy makers; train the next generation of scientists and educate the general public.


2016, we commissioned a report form E4Tech entitled “The commercial and strategic opportunity offered by gas fermentation in the UK”.

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2017, along with BioCatnet, P2P and CBMnet, C1net commissioned a report entitled “Developing Strategy for Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy in the UK”.

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2018, “Opportunities of Methane Fermentation for the UK Bioeconomy”.

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Sandpit Events and Partnering Meetings

We will organise regular events to help develop and pump-prime multi-disciplinary projects aimed at generating proof of concept outputs. These will involve a variety of sectors to maximise industrial involvement, and will focus on existing and future national and international funding opportunities.

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We will hold regular workshops to provide training for PDRAs and PhD students in key enabling technologies, especially areas such as Gene Technologies, Gas Fermentation and Metabolic Modelling. Additional workshops will cater for emerging areas of importance.

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Annual Meetings

We will hold annual scientific meetings. The first will coincide with planned visits by researchers from the CAS Key Laboratory of Synthetic Biology in Shanghai and the Center for Bioenergy and Industrial Biotechnology in Beijing, who will visit the UK as part of a BBSRC China Partnership “Utilising Steel Mill ‘Off-Gas’ for Chemical Commodity Production using Synthetic Biology”, with LanzaTech, BaoSteel, Sheffield and Oxford Brookes.

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We have developed community links, especially to schools through institution specific open days and tailored school visits. Drawing on SBRC experience, we have maximised impact through engagement with events such as the “Big Bang Science Fair”, “Science in the Park”, University Open days and “New Scientist Live”. We have also helped to educate and inform policy makers as well as fostering relationships with key stakeholders who can assist in developing and promoting CCnet activities and outputs.

Together with the University of Nottingham, we have developed an outreach game “Game of Fuels”

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We will support and encourage the participation by, and development of, the PDRAs and students of CCnet members, through participation at sandpit events and the planned annual conferences. In addition, we will encourage young researcher-led joint funding awards between CCnet partner laboratories.


Members receive a quarterly newsletter to learn more about our events, awards and funding opportunities. Click here to download our latest newsletter.

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Project Leads

The management board is currently 16 strong, with Professor Nigel Minton (University of Nottingham) as PI and strong support from leading experts in the field from industry and academia.


Nigel P Minton – CCnet Director

Photo of Nigel MinotonNigel Minton has an international reputation for excellence in advanced molecular methods for the study and exploitation of microbial chassis. He is the Director of the BBSRC/EPSRC Synthetic Biology Research Centre (SBRC) which is focussed on making chemicals and fuels from C1 feedstocks. His research activity ranges from combating bacterial pathogens, through the development of novel cancer therapies to the sustainable production of chemicals and fuels from C1, C3 and C5/C6 feedstocks. He is the PI on a wide range of grants awards, funded by the BBSRC (sLoLa, IB Catalyst & iCASE), Innovate_UK, MRC, NIH and Europe (HORIZON 2020, Marie Curie ETN, ERA-IB and ERA-CoBioTech). He has served on many national committees, is regularly invited to speak at international conferences and has filed 21 patents. He has supervised >40 PhD students, published >150 articles (ca.10000 citations) and has an Scopus h-index of 48. He is the holder of a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award.




Reuben Carr

Reuben Carr is Bioprocess Team Leader at Ingenza, a worldwide leader in the application of IB and synthetic biology. Ingenza provides efficient scalable bioprocesses to manufacture chemicals,biologics pharmaceutical and biofuels, from sustainable sources.

Sean Simpson

Sean Simpson is the Chief Scientific Officer and Cofounder of LanzaTech, the market leader in the commercialization of gas fermentation technology using steel mill off-gas for the production of low-carbon fuels that do not compromise food or land resources.

Gary Smith

Gary Smith is the VP R&D Biotechnology of INVISTA, one of the world’s largest integrated producers of chemical intermediates, polymers and fibres. The company’s advantaged technologies for nylon, spandex and polyester are used to produce clothing, carpet, air bags and countless other everyday products.

Stephen Poulston

Stephen Poulston is a research scientist and Team leader at the Johnson Matthey Technology Centre, a corporate research centre for Jonhson Matthey. Johnson Matthey is a world leader in catalysts and process technology for the production and conversion of methane and syn-gas.

Tithira Wimalasena

Dr. Wimalasena is a Senior Scientist at Calysta responsible for small to large scale Fermentation activities including newly developed market introduction facilities located at the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), at Teesside, in northeast England.
Calysta is developing and commercialising FeedKind® protein, a sustainable, traceable alternative feed ingredient for fish, livestock and pet nutritional products.



We have developed community links, especially to schools through institution specific open days and tailored school visits. Drawing on SBRC experience, we have maximised impact through engagement with events such as the “Big BangScience Fair”, “Science in the Park”, University Open days and “New Scientist Live”.

Together with the University of Nottingham, we have developed an outreach game “Game of Fuels”

FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL®) 2017

Published on 04/07/18 in Outreach

School children from around the East Midlands aged 9 up to A-Level (Aged 18) attended the event.

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Renewable Energy Workshop 2017 – Paulet High School

Published on 04/07/18 in Outreach

As part of the school’s renewable energy topic we ran two sessions of “Game of Fuels” to Years 7 and 8.

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C1net members present at Nottingham’s Pint of Science 2017

Published on 04/07/18 in Outreach

Pint of Science is an international science festival which takes place annually throughout the UK and other countries.

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Wonder 2017

Published on 03/07/18 in Outreach

On Saturday 17th June 2017, The University of Nottingham hosted its own Community Open Day

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Sixth Form Summer Studentships 2017

Published on 03/07/18 in Outreach

Sixth form summer placements at the SBRC- Nottingham, supervised by C1net member Dr Sam Bryan

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New Scientist Live 2017

Published on 03/07/18 in Outreach

A major science public engagement event at the Excel centre in London in September 2017

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Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity 2018

Published on 03/07/18 in Outreach

The Festival of Science and Curiosity is now in its 4th year, and is produced by an enthusiastic collaboration of Nottingham organisations.

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Science in the Park 2018

Published on 03/07/18 in Outreach

March 8th-18th 2018 is British Science Week – a celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths across the UK.

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C1net at Nottingham’s Pint of Science 2018

Published on 02/07/18 in Outreach

Pint of Science was back in Nottingham City Centre for 2018

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