Funding Opportunities

Thanks to BBSRC funding, CCnet has been awarded a number of funding opportunities.

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BBSRC NIBB Business Interaction Vouchers (BIV)

BBSRC NIBB Business Interaction Vouchers (£10K) will be used to encourage and support collaboration between academic partners and industrial partners within the C1net framework. They will be awarded to undertake a defined piece of work by the academic partner for the industrial partner. The goal will be to: establish a longer-term relationship between the academic and industrial partner; and/or improve interactions between the collaborating partner, and/or; lead to new research technology transfer projects. New collaborations will be prioritised. They can be applied for at any time throughout the 5 years of the project.
PLEASE NOTE:BIV awards should focus attention on UK based partners where there is benefit to the UK research base and the UK economy. In exceptional circumstances, where there is not a UK company to exploit the research a BIV may be awarded to an overseas partner company. The application should provide a clear justification for working with an overseas partner company and outline how the project will lead to building international collaborations, how the project will be taken forward leading to inward investment and the benefit back to the UK.

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BBSRC NIBB Seed Funding

Small seed corn funding awards of up to £20K can be applied for at any time throughout the 5 years, with a total of £50K awarded annually from a grand total of £0.2M (80%FEC). These can be used to fund projects such as joint experiments between labs, exchange of staff, consortium building for HORIZON 2020 applications, desk studies, economics or IP. Projects should be less than 12 months.


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Proof of Concept Funding

We will offer funding to multidisciplinary projects put forward by the network members participating in the regular sandpit events. A total of £150,000 will be awarded after each event, from a grand total of 0.6M of awards over 5 years (80% FEC). Sandpits will be advertised at the C1net (on the News page), BBSRC and TSB Connect websites and through C1net and BBSRC e-mail distribution lists.

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Summer Vacation Studentships

C1net has funds available for summer studentships to fund undergraduate students who wish to gain experience in the field of C1 gas fermentation research. The application should be made by the supervisor. The student may not be in the final year of his/her undergraduate degree course. The funding will support the living expenses of the student (£250 per week for up to 8 weeks FEC) and a budget for consumables (maximum £500 FEC).

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